WELCOME to Saj Common Kitchen
the Kelowna Commercial Kitchen Rental

WELCOME to Saj Common Kitchen a culinary incubator that caters to Chefs, aspiring Chefs, food artisans, caterers, cooking teachers, restauranteurs, and production crews the opportunity to have use of an approved commercial kitchen.
This kitchen operates 24/7 365 days /year and is used by Farmers Market food venders, personal chefs, event and corporate caterers, chefs doing recipe testing, cooking classes such as professional chef training, or gourmet, ethnic and traditional home cooking, as well as small private functions.
Everything from Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic foods to traditional home made meals and Chef inspired delectables can be produced here.
It is our vision to offer a clean, functional approved kitchen to food entrepreneurs to grow their business and become successful.

What we offer:

  • A kitchen to start and expand your food related business without the huge expense of building and equipping your own commercial kitchen
  • A kitchen equipped with commercial ranges and ovens, convection oven, charbroiler, walk in refrigeration, freezer, mixers, permanent storage, portable stainless tables, large stainless island and counter space, and plenty of shelving, some small wares, rolling racks, 24 baking sheets and seating for 20.
  • A kitchen that offers full time and part time, single usage, and private function usage.
  • A kitchen that is set up for teaching cooking classes, test recipe's, making products for sale, catering, etc.
  • Space is available on a first come basis, to book your space call Betty at 250-864-3491.